Who We Are

Marvel is a brand born on a vision of finishing solutions. We have been manufacturing USA-made coated abrasive products since 1936. Proven early on as pioneers in the industry, we are one of the first manufacturers of resin fibre discs in North America. We focus on innovative thinking, revolutionary design, reliable functionality, all while maintaining a vigilant commitment to unsurpassed craftsmanship. Simply put, we're all about quality and we go the distance to ensure you get the job done right.

Our History

Marvel Abrasive Products, LLC (formerly Bates Abrasive Products, Inc.) was purchased by the Maran family in 1972 and began marketing Marvel abrasive products through industrial distribution. Armand Maran patented the Marveledge back-up pad system and fibre disc "island" pattern grain coating process. Marvel was then acquired by Les and Barbara Branch in 2003, and through the considerable contributions of Christopher North, immediately began the process of redesigning, expanding and upgrading our resin fibre disc program to world class status.


Marvel is a primary manufacturer of resin fibre discs and fabricates several types of non-woven and cloth-backed materials into a wide range of coated abrasive product forms for use on portable electric and pneumatic power tools. Our core product emphasis includes an extensive offering of resin fibre discs, quick-change locking discs, non-woven abrasives and back-up pad systems.

Continuing our longstanding reputation as an industry innovator, we are firmly committed to new product development and cost containment practices to streamline our production processes throughout our manufacturing facility. Having a national presence, we are dedicated to marketing through a network of traditional distribution, including industrial (ISA), construction/contractor (STAFDA) and welding (AWS). Additionally, we are well experienced in private label products and programs. To this day, our vision is to systematically provide our customer base with a stream of high-performance products to satisfy the fast-paced growth of the application-specific marketplace.