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Terms and Conditions

Marvel Abrasive Products, LLC markets and distributes their abrasive products expressly through selective channels of distribution.


The pricing of products listed in our Price List are suggested consumer prices and are subject to change and distributor discounting.

Minimum Order

No minimum order size will be enforced so long as all products are ordered in published standard box quantities.

Payment Terms:

1% 10 Days - Net 30 Days. Reasonable collection and/or attorney fees will be assessed to all accounts placed for collection.


Freight will be prepaid on invoices having a $500 net value,and shipped as one order to a single destination within the continental United States. Shipping charges for orders having a net value of less than $500 or for shipments requiring special handling, the cost of the freight will be prepaid and added to the invoice.

Product Warranty

Marvel Abrasive Products, LLC guarantees their products to be free from defect in material and workmanship when used under normal conditions at safe operating speeds. Marvel's liability on any basis is limited to the purchase price of the product for which damages are claimed. No liability is assumed for delays or our failure to make delivery due to conditions beyond our control, including but not limited to delays of carriers, accidents, labor disputes and other occurrences. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied.

Minimum Package Quantities

All products must be ordered in increments of the standard box quantities as indicated in the Product Catalog

Special Products

Marvel Abrasive Products, LLC reserves the right to ship +/- 10% when filling orders for made-to-order products. Sales of special or custom products shall be considered final and are not subject to return unless considered defective.

Return Policy

No merchandise can be returned for credit without prior authorization. All returned merchandise must accompany a Marvel provided "Return Goods Authorization Number" and must be shipped to Marvel Abrasive Products, LLC, freight prepaid. Products must be in standard packaged quantities and in acceptable resale condition. At our discretion, up to 15% restocking charge may be assessed on returns of standard stocked products. No returns will be accepted on products after 90 days from the date of shipment. Requests for product returns must provided the following information:

  • Marvel Part Number
  • Product Description
  • Quantity Being Returned
  • Original Purchase Order Number
  • Marvel Invoice Number
  • Return Goods Authorization Number

Drop Shipments

Decisions relating to requests for second party drop shipments will be made at the discretion of Marvel Abrasives.


Shipment Discrepancies: Upon signing for receivership, the consignee has the total responsibility to file all claims of shortages and/or discrepancies within five (5) business days after receipt of goods. Claims filed after five (5) business days will result in the request for adjustment being disallowed. 
Pricing Discrepancies: All claims of pricing discrepancies must be made within thirty (3) days after invoice date as defined by date of shipment on the order.

Total Customer Satisfaction

Our goal is to provide the best-in-class coated abrasive products and solutions which result in your total customer satisfaction. We strive daily and are committed to supplying you with the highest quality products available.

Prices are subject to change without notice unless otherwise agreed to in writing.


How We Get It Done

We want to help see your project through to completion, and we fully understand the effort it took to get to where you are. That's why we use only the highest grade of materials to manufacture a premium line of coated abrasive products that minimize waste and maximize efficiency in satisfying the application challenges of our customers. After all, we are... The only way to finish.®

Why Marvel Abrasives?

The selection of the right abrasive product is a very important endeavor, and ultimately, will bear directly on a wide range of end results. We also realize that in today's competitive marketplace you have options. Please be confident that we will work very hard to measure up to your expectations for reliable quality and service.

Made in the USA

Made in the USA

Performance Tiers

To help identify the varying levels of performance in our product categories having multiple choices, we have created tiers that will relate the relationship between different grain options and an expectation of performance. We provide these guidelines for the following product categories:


MAX FORCE + products are made with high concentrations of premium ceramic grain and will delivery the very best disc performance and value for the particular category. As a general rule, the end user can expect faster rates-of-cut and extended service life from MAX FORCE + rated products.

Resin Fibre Discs: SG, SGP, SGW, SGWP
Quick-Change Cloth Discs: SGP (Type-R and Type-S)
Quick-Change Fibre Discs: SG, SGP (Type-R and Type-S)
PSA Cloth-Backed Discs: SGP


MAX FORCE products are made with blends of ceramic and alumina zirconia grain, each having self-sharpening characteristics tat will provide an exceptional value for an entry level high-performance product. End users will experience enhanced rates-of-cut and service life versus products made with alumina zirconia and/or aluminum oxide grain.

Resin Fibre Discs: SGL, SGLP
Quick-Change Fibre Discs: SGL, SGLP (Type-R and Type-S)


HIGH ENERGY products are made with premium, self-sharpening alumina zirconia grain and offer the end user a significant "step-up" in overall performance/cost value versus products made with aluminum oxide grain.

Resin Fibre Discs: AZ, AZP, AZB
Quick-Change Cloth Discs: AZP (Type-R and Type-S)
Quick-Change Fibre Discs: AZ, AZP (Type-R and Type-S)
PSA Cloth-Backed Discs: AZP


LIGHTNING products are made with premium, general purpose aluminum oxide or silicon carbide grain and are suitable for use on a wide range of materials. They are an excellent choice for MRO applications, economically priced and can always be counted on to get the job done.

Resin Fibre Discs: AO, AOP, AOC, SC
Quick-Change Cloth Discs: AO (Type-R and Type-S)
Quick-Change Fibre Discs: AO, SC (Type-R and Type-S)
PSA Cloth-Backed Discs: AO